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Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Holiday...by Peanut

Hi, My name is Peanut.

I am two years old.

My Mom writes this blog, but after I saw that silly cat write a post, I thought that I would write one too.

I am going to write about what Mom let us do today.

She took us down to one of the horses fields so we could go crazy.

We have a small yard behind the house, but it is just a poopy yard with no grass.
Mom says that she can't grow grass around the house because of all those trees.

The trees work for me. 
It's a boy dogs heaven out here.  :)

 It is nice to be able to run around in the grass too, but those big, giant things called horses get the grass.

Mom won't let use run around in the woods like the neighbors dogs do.
She said that she doesn't like the neighbors dogs coming on to our property and driving us crazy, so she is not going to let us run around on their property.

Anyway, we sat patiently and waited while Mom took off our leashes when we got into the horses pasture.

Then she said 'GO'!

We took off.

Grass, grass, grass!

At first 'Hanna' was just standing off to the side watching 'Lily' and 'Hunter' go nuts.

She can be an old fart sometimes.

Then she decided to play too!

And run.

Sometimes she would stop to watch the rest of us younger ones run around.

Wait for me!!

This is so much fun!

And guess what?

There was still some manure that Mom forgot to pick up.

Boy oh boy, I thought I was going to be able to take a little roll, but Mom would not let me!  :(

There goes that crazy 'Hunter' again.

Wait for me!

Wait for me!

Here comes the old girl too.

Run, run, run, run....

Here I come!

Here I come!

Every time I caught up with those guys, they take off again!

'Hunter' will play with me.


"What is that?"

"Oh her!"

"She is going to stay over there, right Mom?"

I don't like when she watches us like that.

Come on.

I am getting tired of chasing you guys.

That doesn't mean to start chasing ME!

"I give!"
"I give!"
"'Hanna'...I am sorry I called you an 'old fart'."

Time to put our leashes back on.

"Can we run back to the house by ourselves Mom?"

"There are no Deer around."


"We can walk back to the house without Mom holding our leashes!"

"Oh Mom, why can't I go in the pond?!"

"Look Mom!"

" 'Lily' is running around the pond to the horses."

"Come on guys."

"This way to the house."


"We have to stop and check out the chickens before we go back inside."

Time for a nap.

Those big guys always take the loveseat.

That's okay, I have my own nice bed under Moms desk.  :)

That was fun.

Maybe I'll write a post again sometime.  :)

This was 'Peanut' reporting on a fun holiday!

Peanut, MFF


  1. Hahahahaha, this totally made my night XDD

  2. Hi Mittens,
    I will tell Peanut that you enjoyed his post! :)
    Lisa, MFF

  3. im so glad i found your blog its so wonderful to read and filled with so much info im trying to go back and read all from beginning its so nice of you to write all this valuablle knowledge for us God Bless you!you are very talented writer and i love the grooming stuff and your experiences and goings on.i enjoy your pictures you are so talented the pictures are so good. do you publish books too because you really know how to write keeps me glued to read more like waiting for each new day like a new episode...and your compassion for animals comes through also which i also have.. you touch my heart and soul sometimes how treat the dogs, u like a kindred spirit.