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Friday, December 9, 2011


Well, hopefully my internet is finished acting up.
Can I just say that Verizons customer service leaves something to be desired?
Thank goodness my business doesn't depend on the internet.

Anyway, I had two Yorkies in today that I have not seen since August.
The owner wanted me to take them a little shorter than the last time they were in.
Now, if a dog comes in for grooming every 4-5 weeks and asks for me to clip their dog shorter, no problem, I'll take them shorter.
But, if they haven't been in in months, I sometimes wonder if the owner even remembers how short I took them the last time.
So, if I think that taking them shorter will look bad, I'll do the same length that I did before, maybe just scissor up a little tighter.
I also ask if the length is okay when they pick up, it almost always is.  :)

This little lady was clipped with the 5/8HT blade last time.

The owner wanted her a little shorter than last time.

This is her after the bath.

Her hair is the silky kind of hair that feeds through most blades without taking a lot off.

I tried the 3 3/4 blade first.

It did not take much off at all.

So, I decided to try the 4F blade.

It left a nice finish cut.

It also took a pretty good amount of hair off too.

Since I used  5/8 HT blade back in August, I did not want to go any shorter than the #4F blade.

The #4F left a nice length on her.

The owner also wanted me to scissor her face round and in proportion with the body.

In order to get a round head, I like to fold the ear in half. (after I have shaved the tip)

After I have both edges of the ear even with each other, I comb or brush all of the hair around the ear out in front of the fold.

Then I scissor the long hair up close to the ear following the ear leather.

I scissor tighter to the leather the closer that I get to the tip.

 **Just a little tip:

One of the worst cuts that I ever did to a dog was on a little happy hyper Yorkies ear.

That little Yorkie was like working on a Mexican jumping bean, she never stopped moving for a second.

I was just about finished her grooming, all I had to do was scissor some stray hair around her ear.

She turned her head...the ear leather slide right in between the blades of my scissors...I felt the slice.

She was so hyper happy that she never felt a thing, but I thought that I was going to die.

To this day I always but my finger nail right up to the edge of the leather so that I will cut my nail or my own finger instead of the dogs ear leather if they move suddenly.

I do this on all dogs that I have to scissor close to the leather.

I like the ear hair to flow evenly down into the cheek hair, and have a nice round look.

 We tried to make all kinds of noises to get her to pick up her ears so that I could see if I got a nice even curve, but she just would not put those darn ears up.

I know that they do that on purpose so that when I am taking them up to their owners they perk up those ears just so I can see that one piece of hair that is sticking out that I couldn't see on the table.

You know what?

That little piece of hair is going to stay right where it is too, because there is no way that I am going to try to scissor on a wiggly, excited dog that just wants to go home.

I might be crazy, but I am not stupid thank you!

So, I liked the #4F blade on her.

At the beginning of this post I mentioned two Yorkies.

This was the other, teeny, tiny one.

His Mom wanted him pretty short, because she said that he is always dirty.

 She wanted his face very short.

She had already done some chopping on it herself.

Half way there.

I think he is going to look cute.

I hope that this is what the owner meant by short.

I had clipped him with a #4F on his back in August, so I used a #5F this time.

I scissored his legs up tight for both of the groomings because he wanted no parts of a clipper running down his legs.

It's so much easier to just scissor to a 5 length.

  I asked the owner if I took the face short enough for her.

All she said was he is cute.

All I can do is write down what I did for this groom and wait till next time to see if the owner will want the same or shorter.   :/
Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I dont know about you but i loved the shaggy look on the first yorkie :) when you say you hold the ear you make the fold so it is looking to the side??? I dont know if i explaned myself clearly.. I mean is the edges of the fold looking forward or to the sides?? :/ hope you understand

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I think I know what you mean. I fold the ear so that it is facing the side and then comb or brush the hair towards the edges so that I can scissor an even line. I fold the triangular ear in half length wise so that it is making a narrower triangle. It is hard to see in the picture. I hope that this helps.
    Yes, I agree the first Yorkie does look cute with the shaggy face.
    Lisa, MFF

  3. very nice, thank you for sharing!