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Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Before & After Pictures

This little guy has been in before.

Always overgrown and matted.  :(

When I first started grooming this guy, as a puppy, he was a very vicious biter with the drier.

He is soooo mellow now.

He is one of my favorites.

Jess does an outline trim on this little girl.

This is the smallest Schnauzer I think that I have ever groomed.

His hair is so fine and thin that his skin shows even when he is overgrown.

It is like scissoring a cotton ball with this little lady.

Her hair, unfortunately, shows every scissor mark.

I think he is just as cute in the before picture as he is in the after picture.

Groomed by Jessica.

This guy is one of those dogs that no matter how slow and gently you work makes you feel like you are killing him.

He always looks so sad and scared, until you play with him.

When you play, he is a transformed dog.

I think that he thought the camera was going to eat him.

Even his owner said that they can't get a happy picture of him.
 Groomed by Jessica

This owner likes me to scissor the outline as short as I can get it without cutting into the body.

She also likes the hair around the mouth short.

Not an easy cut to make look balanced.

 It was almost impossible to get a good after picture of this girl.

You will see why later in this post.

Jess had to shave her down because of matting a couple of appointments ago, so today she started her back in a Westie pattern.

Other than the fact that I had more of this dogs hair all over me after the blow drying then he had left on his body, he is a pretty easy groom.

He gets all of his feathering scissored tight to his body.

How do you like that grin in the after picture?

What a doll he is.

Jessica forgot to take a before picture, so she took a after the bath picture instead.  :)

This is a new Schnauzer customer.

She was very good to groom.

A Schnauzer that didn't mind you brushing her legs, clipping her nails, or plucking her ears.

I'd say she is a keeper.  :)

What a sweetie.

The only problem?

She can't stop leaning to save her life.

She gets all of her feathering short and tight.

This little guy didn't make it very easy to take before and after pictures.

Of course, someone else didn't help either.

Groomed by Jessica.

Last but not least.

My little 'punk rocker'.

His hair is so silky, I have a heck of a time doing this Mohawk for the owner.

I have always wondered how long it stays in before it falls over.

That is all for the before and afters right now, but it was not easy to get all of these pictures.

Well, mainly the pictures of the dogs my daughter groomed.

I should have taken her dogs over to my table to get pictures.

If I had, maybe a certain someone would not have wanted to be in all of the pictures.

See the blooper pictures below to see who I am talking about....if you haven't guessed all ready.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. That was a cute surprise at the end with the kitty photo-bombing everyone! :)

  2. They're not such bad afters with the guest appearance, they're double the cute!

  3. I JUST LOVE SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS TO BE EVERYWHERE DOESN'T HE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?