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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip #41 Design Your Own Business Cards

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you most likely know that I am a crafty/artsy type of person.

I actually think that you need to have at least a little of an artistic eye to be a good groomer.

I spent all four years of High School building my portfolio up to get accepted into the Maryland Institute of Art.
I was going to be a Graphic Artist, until....a mock interview in my Senior year with a Professional Graphic Artist. (after I was accepted to MIA)

That man never knew it, but he changed the direction of my life that day.
I did take a few evening art classes at the Institute of Art to appease my Dad.
He could not understand how one interview with another Graphic Artist could change my mind.
I had to do a lot of talking to get my Dad let me use  some of my college money to go to Grooming School.
"You want to go to what kind of school?!"

Anyway, when I opened up my shop, I designed my first business card by hand.
Imagine that, no computers.
I had to actually draw the cat and the dog that I used for my card, then send it off to the printer.
I had that business card for a long time.

Then I got my first computer.
Then I got the Printshop program.
Boy, did I have fun designing new cards.
I designed a new business card and reminder cards.
I made flyers, and for awhile I even did a quarterly newsletter for my customers.

The only problem was that the quality of the business cards that I was printing at home just didn't look professional enough for me.
The graphics were nice, but I didn't like the card quality.

I don't remember how I found this website a few years ago, but I love it.

If you are opening a Grooming Shop, or would like to change your business card, go to Vistaprint.
This website is great.
I have gotten business cards, flyers, signs, postcards, and banners from them.
I have been pleased with everything I have gotten.

You can upload your own design or pick from many of their designs.
After you pick a design you can just follow their suggestions and fill in your information, or you can click on advance design and move, add, or delete things you want or don't want.

I just ordered more business cards, but before I put in the order I changed some things around (again) on my business card.  :)

This is the front of my business card.

The colors of the card and design are from Vistaprint.

The picture is of my girl 'Hanna'.

I was able to upload the picture and crop it the way I wanted it on the card.

I was also able to write whatever I wanted on the card, and place it where I wanted it.

When using advance design, you can change the fonts and the sizes of your text.

This is the back.

I really like that you can design the back also if you would like.

By designing the back of your card, you keep the front simple and not too busy.

I also like it better than having a white back to the card.

You can have a white back if you chose to.

I also have a business card just for our Self-Serve Pet Wash.

This is the front.

I loved the graphic on this card.

The dog looks so happy.

And, he is in a tub!

This is the back of the Self-Serve card.

I had to pay a little more for the color to continue on the back, but I liked it better than a plain white back.

I had been making reminder cards with my Printshop program, but I kept changing the design.
I just didn't like anything I came up with.
Printing the reminder cards off of my computer was fine, because the quality of the card didn't really matter that much since reminder cards are throw-a-way cards anyway.
Oh, and printing reminder cards at home eats up a lot of expensive ink.

So, when I was ordering more of my business cards, I decided to see what kind of reminder cards Vistaprint had to offer.
I came across these folded cards.
I think that they are so cool looking.  :)

This is the front of my reminder card.

I stayed with the happy dog theme.

"A clean dog is a happy dog"

Well, that is what I think when I look at this card.

This is the inside of my reminder card.

Isn't it cute?

Maybe the customers won't lose this card.

I have to do a lot of advance designing to get the inside of this card to look the way I wanted it to.

I like the way it turned out.

This is the back of my reminder card.

I went with the black and white on the back.

I like the idea of thanking your customers on the card.

Compared to what I pay for ink for my printer, I think Vistaprint is very reasonable.

Oh, one more thing, made sure you edit your work.
Vistaprint does not edit.
Once you place the order, it comes to you the way you typed it.

Check them out, and have fun designing your own business card.
Even if you don't own your own grooming shop, you are a professional groomer and should have a card. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Vistaprint is the greatest!
    I´m a doggroomer in Sweden and i have been using Vistaprint for about 5 years now for business-cards, flyers, everything. I love it!
    And thank you for your blog, it´s funny how we can live on the opposit side of te world and still have the EXACTLY same problems with the customers. It´s amazing!
    I hope you will continue writing on your blog, it makes my day. ;)
    Lots of love, Annelie

  2. Hi Annelie,
    Wow Sweden! How I would love to watch you groom. It's nice to know that you have the nutty customers too! It's not just us nutty Americans. lol
    I am so happy that you are enjoying my blog. I have fun writing it. Thanks for reading it.
    Lisa, MFF

  3. Well, you are welcome any day, just give me a call. ;)

    // Annelie

  4. My god i just love the happy doggie :) i think is very eye-catching!! I've had lots of problems with my busness card the guy took forever to make them i liked the graphics ( a little more serious type) but after printed i dont know if he had problems with the ink or something but in some places the card looks like the color is fading :/ and on the back of some of the cards i tol him to put like the doctors card with the appointments time on the back ( i liked that) im gonna check out the vistaprint :)

  5. Like the idea...The cards look really colorful...thanks you share it.Order Business Cards.

  6. Business card should posses a design that resembles your profession and your those designs posses this ability to make an image on viewer mind...