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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saint Bernard Mix

Today I had a Saint Bernard mix in for a grooming, only this St. Bernard mix does not look like you would expect.

Yes, she is really a St Bernard mix.
The owners have had the DNA  test done on her.

Wait a minute, what is she looking at?

It's okay Mom, I'll take over now.

Hi, my name is 'Boots'.

I have two Mom's really.

Miss Lisa, who saved my life when the people at the feed mill were going to drown me at one week old, because they could not find my kitty Mom.

 She brought me home and together Miss Lisa and my other Mom, Jessica, bottle feed me.

I lived at the shop for awhile then they took me home.

I am afraid that my hard head and fact that I thought it was fun to pee on everything has me living at the shop again.

That is okay with me.

I haven't peed on anything here yet.

Although I do love getting in to everything!

My favorite thing?

To watch the dogs being groomed.

Well, to tell the truth.

I am not really watching the grooming...

I am really messing with the dogs head.

It's fun to just sit there and stare at them and make them squirm.

Some of them want to check me out.

Some actually back away from me.

Isn't that funny?

It cracks me up.


The only problem is....

Both Moms can be party poopers.

They make me move away from the dogs.

So when one Mom chases me away....

I go to the other Moms table and check her dog out.

Sometimes I jump up on the table with the dog.

That's really fun, because the dogs are like WT*.

Party pooper again Mommmm.
It's only a letter.
Good grief.

I also spend the day walking all over Moms dogs.

It is fun when they are all sound asleep to jump up there and walk all over them.

My favorite thing of all is to stand right in front, and stare at a dog that likes to bark at me.

It drives them nuts.

This Scottie wanted to get to me so bad.

She would stop barking at me, so I would just get up and walk closer to her to make her start again.

Both Moms told me to stop it and leave the dog along.

They both call me a rock head, but I like it.

They both tell me that if I keep it up a dog is going to bite me one day.

Not me.

Today they actually made me leave the grooming room because some Westie went nuts when he saw me.

I was not happy.

One of the best things about spending the day in the grooming room is, that every time Jessica leaves her table, I get up there to groom myself or take a nap.

It drives Jess crazy, because I am in no hurry to get up when she comes back to her table.

  And, she likes me a lot.

So she never gets mad at me.  :)

But, she still makes me get off of her table.

You know, I really don't see why she can't just put the dog on the table with me.

I won't bother the darned old dog.

I promise.  (paws crossed)

All right Mom, you can have your post back.

Now go away so I can finish my own grooming. 

 He's a stinker isn't he?

That's what we put up with everyday, but we love him.

Anyway, here is the St. Bernard mix finished.

The owners wanted all of her feathering scissored up tight to her body.
The hair on the body was lightly neatened.
The owners also wanted her ears left long.

I could groom a ton St. Bernard mixes in a day if they were all this size.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. My favorite is the picture of the dog watching the cat (#6) Sooooo hilarious XDDD Love it love it love it!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post Mittens. :)