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Monday, March 5, 2012

Here I Go Again

Talking about drying dogs.

I know that I seem to be repeating myself, but I am always reading comments (on groomer forums) from groomers asking questions about High Velocity Dryers.

I guess I talk about it so much, because I almost had to quit grooming about 12 years ago.
I had spent the first 16 years of my grooming career blow drying dogs with a stand dryer or handheld dryer.
Also, 16 years of brushing out every bit of undercoat before I bathed a dog.

Sixteen years of killing my wrists.
The pain in my wrists got so bad I closed my shop and went Mobile.

That move saved my career.

Not becoming a Mobile Groomer.

It was the fact that I went to a seminar where the speaker showed everyone how to use a High Velocity Dryer to completely dry a dog.
I was able to have all of my dogs groomed within a hour while grooming mobile because of that dryer.

My wrists rarely hurt me anymore, unless I have some excessive brushing to do.

I spent last week taking some video of drying several different dogs.
I am able to get every dog that I use the High Velocity dryer on 90 to 100 percent dry straight from the tub.

However, I have discovered that not every High Velocity dryer out there is good for fluff drying dogs.

I learned the hard way that the 'Metro' HV dryer is awful for fluff drying.
The hose is way too small and narrow.

I sent back the 'K-9 I Dryer' because the air got way too hot very fast.

So far my favorite High Velocity Dryers have been 'The Davis Dryer' and the 'K-9 Fluffer'.

I am sure that there are others out there, I just haven't had a chance to use them.  :)

Anyway, if you like fluff drying your dogs, and you should!
Or, if you didn't think you could fluff dry a dog with a High Velocity Dryer.
You might like to check out my video.

Click here to view the video....Fluff Drying a Dog with a High Velocity Dryer

I would love to hear about other High Velocity Dryers that other groomers are using and really like.   :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for another post on drying! I needed it! And the video wa extremely helpful. I have a question about groomig tables. I am almost 6 foot tall and my salon has wonderful tables but they are very short. I already have some back problems and it's really straining my back to lean over the table. I have permission to purchase my own to use which will cost quite a bit to get one that goes tall enough. I have also started sitting while grooming but I still have to reach across the table because of course dogs go to the farthest area away they can get to. I am planning on putting a barrier to help with that when I get my own table. I was wondering if you have any other help for me to save my back while grooming. Drying also causes me problems. Thank you!

  2. Hi Tam!
    I am glad I could help. I hear you about the low tables.
    I am not as tall as you, but those low tables bother my back also. I used an electric grooming table when I competed at Hershey last year and loved it! I am hoping to get one soon. I have to have the table up high. One thing that has been a life saver for my back has been the backboard that I made for my table and the drying table.
    I posted about the backboard and how to make one if you are interested. Just copy and paste the link below and it should take you right to the post. The backboard keeps the dogs right up close to me so I don't have to strain my back reaching across the table.


    I hope this helps you too. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading my blog. :)
    Lisa, MFF