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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trying Japanese Grooming

I love looking at pictures of Japanese Groomings.

I think that the dogs are so cute.

It is fun to see dogs groomed in different ways.

I would like to try some of these cuts on some of my customers dogs, but some of these cuts are so different from how American groomers groom, that I am not sure if my customers would like it.
So, I am always on the lookout for a customers dog that is overgrown and they want it clipped down short.
If I have time, I like to try different cuts on the dog, because all I have to do is clip the cut off if it didn't turn out.

Today I had a toy poodle in that was a little over grown.

His owners wanted his face scissored tight and round.

So I thought, why don't I try scissoring the head the way I saw in one of the pictures of a Japanese groom.

It did not come out quite the way I pictured it.

The peak on the head is crooked, and he did not have enough hair on the top of his nose to make it as round as I wanted.

I wish that he had had enough hair on his leg to do the big poofy bell shaped legs that I see on so many of the Japanese grooming.

I wish that I could have done something different to his ears, but I had to leave them along.

After I finished playing with his head for awhile, I scissored his head the way his owners wanted.

I think he liked the other head better.

He looks so sad now.

Big changes going on in his house.
His Mom is having a baby.
He won't be the baby anymore and I think that makes him sad.

I'll keep looking for dogs to practice on.
Hopefully I'll get better.
If I get some nice pictures, I might just display them and see what my customers think of the different types of grooms.

If you would like to see some really nice Japanese grooming (with a lot of creative mixed in) go to this link...Starwood

There are a lot of pictures to see.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I love the japanese yorky cut its face is so cute its round very thight and butterfly type of ears

  2. The link is http://www.yorkieshampoo.com/images/YorkieJapan-600.jpg

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I love that one too! One day I will find a dog AND owner that will let me do that cut. lol
    Lisa, MFF

  4. I have a yorkie but dont dare cut her face specialy her topknot ( never have cut it and shes 2 1/2 yrs) maybe someday anyway i dont know if the look will go good with her face

  5. Hi Jess,
    I love the long look and topknot on a Yorkie. I don't think that every Yorkie would look good with the cute cut in that picture. I think that it would have to have a very small face and thick hair to get that same look.
    Lisa, MFF

  6. Hi hanna! Yes i agree my yorkie has her face long i only cut the tips of the beard and topknot i just love her face but i find curious the japanese only because it looks like a teddy bear like if its not real it kind of reminds me of the pokemons jajajjaja :)

  7. I'm a hobby breeder. I have Havanese, Pomeranians, and Yorkies. I'd be all up for trying out different cuts and letting a groomer "play", it's just hair after all. It will grow back. :P On top of that when my puppy's are around 10weeks old I like to have them groomed for their last puppy photos before they go to their new homes. The Japanese cuts look fun and adorable and I'm sure my puppy's new homes would get a kick out of the fun cuts. I'll have to talk to my groomer and see if she too is the creative type, I never thought to ask! Great post.