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Monday, March 19, 2012


I have used sidewalk chalk before to color dogs.
Mostly ears and tails.

 I have also used chalk to color a Mohawk on a dog.

 But, it took a long time to prepare the chalk and to crush it up the way I wanted it.

It also took awhile to apply.

So, I have been thinking.
My family doesn't like when I think, because they never know what I am going to try.

Anyway, I wanted to find an easier and faster way of applying the chalk.
So, after a few mess ups, this is what I came up with, Chalk spray or Spray chalk, whatever you want to call it.

It does take some time to prepare the spray, but once you make it, it should last a while.

Here is what you will need.

~ Small spray bottles
~Sidewalk Chalk or Pastels (NOT oil based)
~Rubber Gloves
~Small screen strainer
~Hot water
~Two cups (not shown)
~Spoon (not shown)
~Paper plate (not shown)

(or course I forgot to put everything in the picture)

 First, pick the color of chalk you want to use.

This is the first time that I have used the pastels.
I wanted to see if their colors were more vibrant.

There were no warnings on this product about it being toxic.

I have seen other groomers use Pastels on dogs before.

*I suggest that you only use  Non-toxic Childrens Sidewalk if you are going to color a customers dog.

Now, use the smallest holes on the grader to grind up the chalk.

**Be very careful not to cut your fingers on the blades.

Since the Pastels are not very big, I ground down the entire piece.

This is what I ended up with.

It was mostly find powder, but there were some larger chunks.

Next, take a spoon, and using the bottom of it, crush the larger pieces till they are also a fine powder.

I found that the Pastels were a little easier to crush than the Sidewalk chalk.

After you have gotten the powder as fine as you can, pour the powder into a cup.

 Now pour in some hot water.

How much??

Dang, I know you were going to ask that!

I eyeballed it.
I would say that I poured in about 1/2 a cup, or a little more.

I did not want to dilute it too much, but I also do not want a paste.

I want it to be watery so that it will spray.

Stir up the powder really well.

Let it set for a few minutes and stir again.

All of the powder will not dissolve.

Put the small strainer over the second cup.

Pour the water and chalk mix into the strainer.

The strainer will catch any of the thick powder that did not dissolve.

This thick powder will not go through the sprayer tube.

I learned that the hard way. :)

Now pour the strained mix into one of the spray bottles.


Spray chalk.

Chalk spray.

Whatever you want to call it.

Now, will it work?


The spray worked.

It didn't get clogged!

I am so happy. :)

I would spray a few squirts and then rub it into the hair a little.

I did this until all of the hair on her ear was saturated.

I must say that it was a little messy.

I don't think that I could do a Mohawk with the spray because it runs too much.

It would be great for ears, tail, feet, and legs though.

After I had both of her ears sprayed, I did use a paper towel to squeeze some of the excess water off.

Forgive what my girls head looks like.
I am thinking about using her one more time for creative in Hershey and I am letting her head grow out.

Hand blow dry the ears.

If you use the HV, you will have chalk spray all over the place.

This was the end result.

It was not as bright as I had hoped that it would be, but chalk never is.

I am happy with it.

It is a pretty color.

I know from experience that Sidewalk chalk will wash out, most of the time, with the first bath.

I am not sure about the Pastels.

Maybe one or two bathes.

Remember, Sidewalk chalk is Non-toxic.
I am not 100% sure about Pastels.
That is why I only used it on her ears, where she won't lick.

I have seen creative groomers use Pastels all over the body in competitions.

I use only Sidewalk chalk on customer dogs.

  There was a pretty good amount of thick powder still left in the cup, so I added a little more water to get some more spray.

You could also scoop out the leftover paste and put it in an airtight container to use where you don't want the chalk spray to run...like a Mohawk. :)

Wow, Chalk spray and Chalk paste out of one piece of chalk.

One last thing...

As the spray sits, some of the fine powder will settle at the bottom.

Shake the bottle up good before using again.

You may need to shake it up periodically as you use it.

Have fun bring some color into your dogs lives. :)

**Warning: Do not use any color products on pets that have skin issues or open sores.

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Hi there. Would you believe that I've read your entire blog for two straight nights? It's very informative and funny and entertaining. I actually stumbled upon your blog when looking for grooming tips. I'm a newbie Shih Tzu owners and because of your blog, I've become more aware of matting and the importance of regular grooming. I'm also a big fan of Poodles, and I love your Hanna! She has such a gorgeous coat. If only I live in your area, I would definitely visit your shop.

  2. Hi Kat,
    Wow, thank you, 346 posts in two nights, I am honored. :) I am glad you enjoyed them. Congratulations on your new furry friend. I had a Shih-tzu for 16 years. What a stinker he was, but we miss him. I am glad that my blog has helped. Thank you for the complement about Hanna. She is my girl. I want to stop her from aging.
    Thanks again for reading my blog. :)
    Lisa, MFF

  3. This is not a good tip I was totally focused on getting better in grooming now I just want to color ;/ let us know if the pastels hold a little longer on your girl ;) have you tried food coloring?? THANK YOU!!! I really admire you..how do you find time for so much?? Grooming, groomers blog, owners blog, kids, 4 legged kids, husband and household!! You have to have wonder woman somewhere in your genes!!!!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry about that...Creative grooming can be addictive. :)
    I found that I don't like the pastels. Even after her hair was dry the color got on her face from her ears. It also has not washed out after one bath like the sidewalk chalk. I have not tried food coloring yet.
    I don't always find time.lol Sorry for taking so long to answer your comment. :/
    Lisa, MFF

  5. Thank you for the entertaining and informative tutorial! I am a groomer that has been "dyeing" (could not resist) to try color...I will start small!

  6. When you use the sidewalk chalk (not the pastels) does it rub off on furniture/carpet etc???

    1. Hi,
      After the chalk completely drys, I not ever had the color come off on my carpet or furniture.
      Lisa, MFF

  7. How long does the sidewalk chalk stay in their fur?

    1. Hi Maddie,
      It really depends on the texture of the hair, and the color that was used. It tends to only last a few days in my dogs hair. Fading a little each day.
      Lisa, MFF

  8. Have you tried using glow in the dark sidewalk chalk?

    1. I have never tried the glow in the dark chalk. Not sure what chemical is used to make it glow in the dark. I would make sure that the package says non-toxic and child safe.
      Lisa, MFF

  9. Here's an idea to crush up the chalk into a fine powder: use a mortar and pestle!I got mine from bed bath and beyond ($15) but I think I've seen them at Target. I cant wait to try this! :)

  10. This is great information! I have an 85 lb American Bulldog who is the darling of the neighborhood and I want to dress him up as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween but I needed something easy to apply and quick to wash out. You saved the day! Thanks again!