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Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Dryer

Our new dryer did arrive on Friday, just as we were told that it would.

Only it arrived right as the last dog of the day was being bathed. lol

This is the EZ-DRY III Forced Air Dryer.

As I said in the other post, this is not the HV dryer that I usually use.

I ordered this dryer from Davis®.

I have used their dryers before and really liked them.

They no longer make their dryers, but told us that this dryer compares to theirs.

So I decided to trust them and buy one.

I like a lot of their products.

This is a very powerful dryer.
It is more powerful than the one that we have been using.
A big selling point for me was the variable speed control.

So, we have only used this dryer for one day, Saturday.
I have to say, that so far we are very pleased.
With most of the dogs, we only had to turn the power up half way, or three quarters of the way to comfortably and quickly dry them.

 (sorry that this picture is blurry)

My son had this Standard 98% dry, with the new dryer, in less than 20 minutes, straight from the tub.

She had a lot more hair on her before the cut.

I heard my son turn the dryer off and thought that something must be wrong with the dryer, because he couldn't possibly be done drying the dog already....but he was.

I was very impressed with the power of this dryer. :)

There is one thing that I am not crazy about.

The air does get warmer than I would like when the speed is three quarters to all of the way up.
We put a fan in front of the vent, and that helps to keep the motors from getting too warm.

I will be ordering another one of the dryers that we usually use as our back-up.
I must have at least two professional quality dryers in the shop, ready to use.
My Self-Serve dryers just don't cut it for a professional groomer.
Three days of drying dogs with the Self-Serve dryers was more than enough.

Oh, my daughters hand dryer died on Saturday.
That makes three dryers in one week.
Things happen in threes, right?
So that's it.
No more tools dying!


Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Glad your new dryer seems to be working out so far.


    1. Thanks Jennifer,
      I have only used it for one day, so I am hoping that I continue to like it. lol
      Lisa, MFF

  2. Jealous. Our dryers aren't horrible but they are just not strong enough for me. I'm pretty much the only groomer here that does doodles and standards and such and they just take too long to dry with what we are using now :[

    Davis products are usually hit or miss in my opinion. We use their bathing system and it is complete junk, but I've been pretty happy with their shampoos, and their customer service is wonderful

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I have yet to find a bathing system that I like. :/

      I do like some of the Davis Shampoos. So far the dryer is working really nicely. I understand how frustrating it can be to try to dry a large or thick coated with a dryer that just isn't strong enough. I was happy with my last dryer, but this one is faster. Davis hasn't let me down yet. :)

      Lisa, MFF

  3. Amazing article, thanks for putting this collectively! "This is obviously one huge post. Thanks for the priceless information and insights you have so provided here. Keep it up!"

  4. I have had mine for a year now and I love it. I could not be happier. I will be buying another if I need to.