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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Short, Sporty Cut...

...On a Westie.

I get a lot of Westie owners that don't want the Westie Style cut.
They want a clip that is easy to take care of.
A clip that is short, but not shaved. (don't you just love to hear that sentence)
Most of these owners also like the heads to be short and tight.

Oh....and no Westie ears.

This is my version of a 'short but don't shave' cut on a Westie.

  This is the before picture.

This Westie does not get any type of pattern.

The body and legs will be clipped even all over.

I clipped the body with a Wahl® Stainless Steel Attachment Comb.

I used the brown/tan colored comb and then scissored to neat up.

This length leaves the coat short but not shaved.

The owner wants the head short and tight.

She does not want the ears tipped, or scissored too close.

I skimmed the #3¾F blade lightly over the top of the head, blending into the neck, and down the sides of the head.

I scissored the beard and muzzle tight.

I also scissored the ears, leaving about ½ an inch of hair around the edges.

This is a nice short, sporty, easy to maintain clip for a Westie.

Short but not shaved!!!!  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. That phrase "short but not shaved" uhhh I hear that on a daily basis!