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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesdays Tip #50 Leaving Conditioner In

I use Conditioner on most of the dogs that I groom.

I do not use any Conditioners on dogs that come in with greasy coats, such as Yorkies and some Shih-Tzu's.
Those dogs I like to use the Baking Soda Rinse to soften their coats.

I go between three different Conditioners.

One of my favorites is Best Shot Conditioner.

I like both their Ultra Plenish Conditioner. (great for matted coats, and undercoat)

I especially love their Ultra Max Conditioner for really tough matting and undercoat.

Both of these Conditioners do not leave any residue.

I have always fully rinsed these Conditioners out of the coats.

This is my everyday Conditioner.

No. It is not a dog Conditioner.

I buy it a  Beauty Supply Store.

This Conditioner was recommended by a well known Groomer on one of the grooming forums years ago.

I have been using it for a long time.

I love it.

It is Hypoallergenic, light, odorless, and does not leave any residue on the coat.

It is very important to me that a Cream Rinse does not leave any heavy residue on the coat.
I have tried many Conditioners over the years.
These three Conditioners are the only ones I use right now.

I tested the CureCare® on my dogs before using it my customers dogs. (I do this with every new product that I try)

I have been using the CureCare® for years now, and have not ever had a dog have any problem with it.
I have even used it on dogs with allergies and can only have Hypoallergenic shampoo used on them.
I have also used this Conditioner on dogs that have owners who are allergic to strong smelling shampoos, with no problems.

Occasionally, I will use this Conditioner as a leave-in Conditioner.
Meaning, I do not rinse it off of the coat.
I only do this on dogs that have very dry coats.

To mix the leave-in conditioner, you need a empty gallon jug and a measuring cup.

Also, preferably, a Hypoallergenic Cream Rinse that does not leave any residue.

I mix a ¼ cup of the CureCare® to a gallon a very warm water.

 I fill the gallon jug about half way (with very warm water) and then pour in the Conditioner.

Next, I shake the water and Conditioner mix vigorously to make very sure that all of the Conditioner is mixed well.

You want to make sure that there are no clumps of conditioner floating in the water.

Then finish filling the gallon with warm water and shake it up again before applying it to the dogs coat.

Once the dog has been shampooed and rinsed well, pour the Conditioner all over the dog.

 After I have covered the entire coat with Conditioner, I squeegee off the excess with my hands.

Then I towel dry as normal.

This is the coat after the HV dry and fluff.

The dry coat is now soft to the touch with no residue in the coat.

The clip leaves a nice finish to the coat.

This Goldendoodle was clipped with a #3¾F blade.

As I said before, I do not leave Conditioner in on very many dogs.
I usually do this only on coats that are very dry, or coats that have those really tiny natty type mats, like you find in some Maltese, Shih-tzu's, and Mixes.

Hope that this helps. :)

Oh, I forgot....if you liked the post that my shop cat Radar did, there are some more pictures of him posted on my business Facebook page.
He was at it again today. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Would you use the leave-in on a poodle coat?

    1. Hi KidWhisperer,
      It would depend on the type of coat the Poodle had. I will say that I rarely use the leave-in conditioner on a Poodle. I like using the Baking Soda Rinse on them.
      Lisa, MFF

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