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Friday, May 3, 2013

Okay....Here They Are!

I finally have the creative grooming pictures ready.
I take way too many pictures. lol
It takes forever to go through all of them.

Intergroom does their Creative Grooming a little differently than Hershey.
The contestants are spread out around the ring.
I felt like I was doing laps, around and around to try to get different stages of each dog.
Some of the grooming was done prior to getting into the ring.
The contestants also don't have their names posted in front of them, so unfortunately I did not get everyone's name.

So,  without anymore delay, here are the pictures.
Enjoy, there were some really colorful entries.

↓ Justine Cosley ↓

↓ Brynn Haynes ↓

Adriane Pope

Angela Kumpe

Cindy Oliver

Intergroom also had a Creative Cat Grooming competition.
We missed part of it because we were in a class.
I did manage to get some pictures.

Creative Cat Grooming

I know that not everyone agrees with Creative grooming.
I also know that these dogs are treated very, very well, and loved very much by their owners.
I also know that if a cat did not like, or want you to do something, they would rip you a new one in two seconds flat.
These were some of the calmest, sweetest cats I have ever seen.

Many Creative Groomers spend a lot of time defending what they do.
A lot of the general public view Creative Grooming as abuse.
It is a shame, because it couldn't be father from the truth.

There are so many dogs out there that are thrown in the back yard (after puppy-hood) and forgotten about.
So many that are allowed to mat up to a point that they can barely move their legs.
So many dogs running the streets.

Angela Kumpe made an announcement at Intergroom.
She will be the star of a new reality show on Animal Planet.
The show is called 'Clipped!'
It premiers tonight at 10pm.
It shows Angela Kumpe as a Creative Dog Groomer.

Will this show change the public's mind about Creative Grooming?
That remains to be seen.
My hope is that the producers of this show do not edit the show to a point of making Groomers look stupid.
We will see.
I will be watching tonight. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF



  1. I do not have high hopes for the Clipped! TV show to change peoples perception of creative grooming, or grooming in general :[ Just based on the few comments I read on the youtube video clip of it, people are already freaking out. Grooming in general already has such a bad reputation, and creative grooming just adds to that fire.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I was very disappointed in the show. I felt that it made a joke of grooming.

      So scripted.

      I was really hoping that Angela was going to make an effort to show the importance and hard work of grooming. I didn't have high hopes after seeing the clip either. :( A creative groom with Boobs....REALLY! I know, I know....the TV people want dramatic.
      Lisa, MFF

    2. Nobody wants to see how hard we work every day :[ After all, why bother showing people that when they can see boobs! Ha!

      Oh well.

      Hey, you should totallyyyyyyyy do a product post soon! I think I saw a comment of yours recently where you said you'd do a post on the shampoos you use and stuff. I would love to see a post on that along with any sprays and stuff you use, even colognes and bows and just everything! I'm doing another supply order soon and since I love best shot so much I want to see what else you use as well!

    3. Hi Amanda,
      I am working on that product post. I keep forgetting to take pictures of the things that I use. :/ It should be coming soon. :)
      Lisa, MFF

  2. I don't have cable, you'll have to do a post on how the show is. I am just now starting to get interested in creative grooming - it seems now is a good time, if there is going to be a TV show done about it! Anyway, thanks for the awesome pics!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. I still like creative grooming, I just feel that this show is not going to help the general public accept creative grooming at all. If they had shown how a little color on the ears and tail, and maybe a cute tattoo on the hip, or ear could be safe and cute on a dog, that could help show the general public that creative grooming is NOT abusive. But, of course that would not be dramatic enough.
      Lisa, MFF

  3. What was the black poodle supposed to be? I couldn't tell. I really hope Clipped changes the public's idea on creative grooming. You are so right about how these dogs and cats are treated so much better than the ones that are forgotten about when they are dogs/cats and not puppies/kittens anymore,or the ones that are left to mat.I would take being a creative grooming dog/cat over being one of these poor ones any day.

    1. Hi Anjanette,
      I am not sure, something to do with Egypt I think.

      See my above comments about the show. :/

      Lisa, MFF

  4. just a reaction.. all the hours it must take to do that and for free.. I would have much rather seen them say they groomed 5 needy dogs showing before and after pictures of dogs in the shelters and they got relief and homes but I guess that is just me. im not turned on at all by making my dog into a baboon if a person doesn't want a dog they should go to the zoo. I like colors to enhance but clipped show and those extreme groomings a little too much Halloween for year round for me.

    1. Hi Shelley,
      I think that is exactly the wrong perceptions that people have about Creative Grooming. It CAN take hours for some of these dogs to get ready for a Creative Grooming competition, but that is over months and months. An hour here and an hour there of grooming.

      These dogs are very much loved by their owners. I think that all the general public sees are crazy cuts and colors on dogs and think that it is some form of abuse. It is no different than the crazy hair cuts you see on some people. And, the dogs do love the attention. I really don't think a dog cares what color they are as long as people treat them good.

      As for grooming needy dogs...many of these same creative groomers also groom rescue dogs and needy dogs for free, on their own time. More and more Grooming Expos are also featuring rescue round-ups where the groomers compete by doing makeovers on rescue dogs. I competed in that competition last year at Hershey and loved it. I hope that they do it again this year.

      These dogs that you see in my pictures and at competitions are extreme, but that is for the contests. Most creative grooming offered to customers in grooming shops is just colorful ears, or tails, or a cute tattoo. Each takes only a few minutes to do, and are done with safe, non-toxic products. BUT, it is not for everyone.

      Unfortunately, this show is not going to help at all.

      Lisa, MFF

    2. I didnt see the show but was it a breast cancer awareness groom? It is October. My dog sports a pink ribbon and a pink mohawk for the month. Dont cut her down over one show... but lol like i said i didnt watch it ;)

  5. but the pictures are awesome and thanks for sharing them I do love some Halloween

  6. I appreciate your taking the time to showcase these grooms. I didn't really understand creative grooming before, but I think it's really interesting and...well, creative! I can't believe any cat would sit still for that kind of grooming - I'm impressed!
    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures. :)
      Lisa, MFF