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Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting Carried Away

Yesterday I had a small Havanese in.

I wanted to try something different.
I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to do.
The only problem was, I didn't have small enough bows to do what I wanted.

I decided to try it anyway. :)

This little lady was going to get bangs with bows.

So, I started with the first part.

I use the last couple of teeth on my comb to separate the bangs from the hair on the back of the head.

I comb the bangs forward.

I want my bang line/part to be just behind the eyes.

Because her hair is so thin and fly away, I sprayed some finishing spray on my comb and ran it through her bangs to keep them in place.

I am not going to scissor the bangs yet, because I don't want the shorter hairs to fly up into what I am trying to pull back in the bow.

I am putting two bows in, so now I will make my second part down the middle of the top of the head.

I comb the hair to each side and away from the bangs.

Now she has two nice straight parts...or as straight as I  can get them. :)

Now, normally I would now make another part close to the back of the dogs head, depending on how thick I want the hair I am putting  up.

But, for what I have in mind I am going to make this part about half way back.

Then I will complete the parts by making my fourth part from behind the outside of the eye to my third part.

Got that?

Did that make any sense?

This is what you want to end up with.

I could make the fourth part further down, closer to the corner of the eye, but for what I want to do today, this is good enough.

Comb the hair up on all sides to make a nice, neat little pony tail.

I like to twist the hair just a little in hope that the hair will stay in place while I put on the bow.

Then I put the first bow on.

Be careful mot to pull the hair too tight.

This is a view from the side.

A view from the top.

 I repeat the same parts on the other side.

I use my fingers to put my bows on.

I use my thumb and index fingers.

I forgot to get a picture, but if you press the tips of your thumb and index finger together, and then put the rubber band around the tips of both fingers with the rubber band on top and the bow on the bottom.

Next, open your fingers just enough to take hold of the pony tail.

Keep the bow on the front side of the pony tail and grab a hold of the rubber band part on the top of your fingers.

This way you should be able to keep the bow in place as you pull the hair through the rubber band.
Twist the rubber band around the pony tail as many time as you need to.

Got that one?

I think those instructions were even more confusing then the other one.
I hope that you can understand what I am tiring to say.

I am sure that other groomers out there have other ways to put bows on too, but this is what has always worked for me. ;)

 Now, you would think that I would stop there, right?


I wanted to try something else, although I could already tell that the first two bows were too big.

Next, I parted some more hair from the back of the head.

Then I took the hair from the other two pony tails and added it to the back pony tail, and put in another bow.



Too much, right?

Yeah, I know.

If I had two tiny bows like the little purple flower on these bows as the front two, and the larger bow in the back it might look better.

Oh well.

It was fun playing.

Lastly, I trim up the bangs.

Just a little too much. :(


Two is better. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF  ✂


  1. We had to institute a no-bow policy a few years ago. We had an elderly customer with a caregiver, and the dog was a shih tsu. About 6 weeks after the groom, we got a call from saying that the dog had to have its ear removed because of our bow!

    Apparently either the elderly person or their caregiver, we never did figure out who, "put the bow back on" after it had fallen out or become crooked. They didn't understand how to do so correctly and they just wrapped the rubber band around the ear!

    A month later, the ear had almost fallen off, and required surgery to safely remove it the rest of the way. And they were angry at us! They insisted that we had put the bow on that way, and they tried to force us to pay their $2000 vet bill. It was awful!

    In the end we held our ground. We were 100% certain that we had not installed the bow around the ear and should not have to pay the bill. Eventually they agreed with us, but it was a tough battle!

    That day, we threw our bows in the trash, and have not put one on a dog since. Totally not worth the risk to our business, or to another poor doggie's ear.

    1. Hi,
      I hear you.
      We only put bows on if owners request it, and for the Holidays.

      We had the same thing happen, only it ended better. The owner called about a week or so after the groom to say that the dog was shaking its head a lot. We told her to bring the dog in and we would take a look at the ears. This customer always wanted bows and nail polish.
      When the dog came in I put her on the table to check her ears and found that one of the bows had been put BACK on the ear with the rubber band around the whole ear. I KNEW it had not been put on that way , because I was the one who had groomed the dog.
      The ear was already starting to collect blood down in the bottom of the ears leather and was swollen. I fixed the bow, rubbed circulation back into the ear and told the owner that someone had put the bow back in wrong. Thankfully she had come in soon enough that no harm was done to the ear. The owner was sure that no one had done that. She was not nasty, she just strongly believed that no one in her home had put the bow back in the ear the wrong way. I just as strongly told her that I would NEVER put a rubber band around an ear.

      Surprisingly, this customer actually called back a couple of hours later apologizing, because after questioning her kids, she found out that one of them had put the bow back on after it fell off.

      I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. It is so frustrating when YOU know that you didn't do anything wrong and have no way of proving it. You try and do something nice and cute for the dog and owners and it ends up smacking you in the face. :(
      Lisa, MFF