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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doodle Days

Everyday I get more and more calls for grooming Doodles.
And, everyday it gets easier and easier to turn them away.

I don't charge enough to do them.

Okay, OKAY!...Stop yelling at me.
My large dog prices have always been out of whack.

It seems that word has gotten around that we do really good grooms on Doodles for cheaper than anyone else in my area.

Believe me, this was not done on purpose.
We book months in advance.
I was NOT looking for more work, especially Doodles.

I truly believe that a groomer should charge what the work is worth.
I don't know what is wrong with me.
I always buckle at the last minute, and charge less then I know I should.

I need help.

It also comes from owning my shop for 23 years, and not raising prices EVERY year.
Please do not make my mistake.
Raise your prices every year, even if only by a $1 or 2, it adds up over time.

There is nothing like getting a call from a Doodle owner wanting an appointment, and willing to wait for 8 weeks or more because my prices are cheaper.

So things are about to change.
I have one of two options.

Option One:
*Charge by the hour.
*Charge extra if it takes more then two people to lift the dog into the tub.
*Charge extra if the Doodle gets you wet...all the way down to your underwear.
*Charge extra if the Doodle refuses to stand in the tub.
*Charge extra if the Doodle refuses to stand on the drying table.
 *Charge extra if the Doodle owner insists that you hand scissor a short but shaggy cut.
*Charge extra if the Doodle owner brings in grooming instructions from the internet.
*Charge extra if the Doodle is as large as a small pony.
 *Charge extra, extra just because the owner bought a PURE BREED DOODLE!

I don't know about you, but I am up to around $550.

Lets see...
I could make a Doodle Day once a month.
4 Doodles x $550 = $ 2200
I could work with that.
I would want the next day off.

Option Two:

Happy Grooming, MFF

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