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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just not sure

I am just not sure about this Hydro Surge.
I had seen the booth at Hershey for the past couple of years.
I finally broke down and signed up to lease one.

You lease the Hydro Surge for $20 a month, and they keep up the maintenance, and any repairs.
You also have to sign up to buy at least 2 gallons of their shampoo a month.

The Pros:
* Not having to mix shampoo for each dog.
*Faster wash time, specifically with large dogs. ( major pro )
*No wasted shampoo.

The Cons: ( so far )
*Not being able to use the shampoos I LIKE with this system. ( major con )


*Water splashes back off the dog and all over me.

*Having a really hard time not hand washing, and letting the Hydro Surge do the work.
*Do not like using it on the faces. Afraid the shampoo/water mix will go in the eyes.
* Did not like two of the shampoos I ordered.
*Not all of the dogs seem as clean as they could be.
*Tub fills with suds very fast.
* I think it uses A LOT of water.

The cons sure do out weigh the pros.

I really could work around the cons if only I could use the shampoo I like, and know works.
If I do use my shampoos, it breeches the lease contract.
It could also clog up the Hydro Surge, because of the wrong concentration.

This is 'Wheaton' after being bathed with the Hydro Surge. (before the clip)
I only used the Hydro Surge. I did not hand wash.
Boy, was that hard.
He was clean, but not clean enough for me.
His hair just seemed very, slightly tacky.
I know I could get him cleaner with my hands.

After work today, I washed my Standard with the Hydro Surge.
She was dirty and over grown.

So much for getting time to do my own dogs. :)

I washed her twice.
I went over her with just the Hydro Surge first, using their Cleansing Shampoo.
(I liked that shampoo)
Then I went over her again with the Hydro Surge, and scrubbed with my free hand at the same time.
I will admit, I did two bathes in the time it would have taken me to do one hand wash.

She was very clean.

I have only used the Hydro Surge for two days so far.
I think I will give it at least two weeks before I decide.
I can return it at any time.
Not being able to use the shampoos I love, and know work, could really be the deciding factor.

Why do companies make things so difficult?
I know it is a business, and they want to sell their own shampoo.
I am not asking for much.
Just let me use MY OWN SHAMPOO.
Hydro Surge is a nice system.
I like it better then using recycled dirty water.
I could even live with being soaking wet all day.

Okay, I think I will go pull my hair out now. :p
Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I love your blog and reading this made me decide for sure I will not try the Hydrosurge unless I could use my own shampoos. Im very picky about the shampoo I use and I know I wouldnt like not being able to use it

  2. We use the Hydrosurge at my work, and I can't stand it. My old salon hand washed all of the dogs, and it was very hard coming to a salon with one. Someday when I have my own salon, unless some REALLY great invention comes up, it will be hand wash only for me.


    1. I am with you Cortney.
      Hand washing all of the way! I got rid of the Hydrosurge. :)
      Lisa, MFF

  3. love your blog! I've had the same "slightly sticky" feeling with the hydrosurge. Think the shampoo is hard to rinse out, especially if your water pressure isn't fire hose strong. I use their shampoo but dilute it by half and like the results much better. Still use my hands too.

    1. Hi,
      I sent mine back. I love hand washing, I'd just like to find something that would quickly apply the shampoo.
      Lisa, MFF