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Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Call or Not to call...

I have had a policy in my shop ever since I opened 23 years ago.
What is the policy?
If for any reason we have to do something different to the dog then was talked about at check-in, I insist that they are called first and told about the change, BEFORE anything is done.

So what is the problem?
It has been an on going debate between my husband and myself for years.
Now my daughter has joined my husbands side.

We don't argue, it is just one of those debates that comes up every time I ask my husband to call a customer about something I have found on the dog, or want to change.

It came up again today.

This is 'Spike'.
He comes in every 4 weeks.
His Mom LOVES his long ears.
'Spike' is fighting an ear infection.
One of his ears is full of greasy ear medication and is matted.

Now, you must understand that 'Spike' HATES to have any mats brushes out.
He HATES his nails to clipped.
He HATES when you lift his tail.
He will scream if you look at him funny.

Brushing out greasy mats is not an option.

A neighbor brought 'Spike' in today, and did not mention the ear.
Because 'Spike comes in every 4 weeks, my husband did not bother to check him over at check-in.

When I got him on the table, and saw his ear, I told my husband to call the owner and let her know that I would have to take the ear short.

"Why?" my husband said.
"Because I want her okay." I said.
"She does not have any choice Mom." my daughter said.
My husband agreed. "She knows he has a bad ear. She is the one who has been putting the medicine in."
"I know." I said, very exasperated."But I want you to call her any way."
I turned and gave them both 'the look'.
"She loves his long ears. I want her to know I have to cut them short. Please call her." I said again.
"She will be alright with it. Do I really have to call her?" My husband said.
(Daughter is shaking her head.)
"YES, I don't want to cut his ear before you tell her." I said.
"I don't know why we always have to call, if you have to cut out the mats you have to cut out the mats." My husband countered.
"What is she going to do Mom, tell you no?" added my daughter.
"You both know I just want the owner to know ahead of time. I want her to have time to let it sink in that I am going to shorten the ears.", I explained for the thousandth time.
"You could always explain when she comes to pick up." said both my husband and daughter.
"Nooooo, there is always the chance she may say no.", I countered.
"And what would you do if she said no?", my daughter said.
I smiled and said; "Then I will groom the dog and send it home with a matted ear."
My husband smirked, and said; "No you wouldn't."
I gave my husband a sweet smile and said; "Your right I wouldn't, because you are going to call her and explain how she has no choice and that it is the most humane thing to do for her dog because we don't want to hurt him."
My husband turn and went to call 'Spike's" mom.
My daughter and I looked at each other, she shook her head, I said; "I don't know why you two always argue with me about this.

"Spike' is very happy that I did not demat his ear. Any other time I would have. It was just too greasy. Even after using my best decreasing shampoo.

I think he looks cute with his short ears.Mom did not have a lot to say about his ears when she saw them.
I am sure she will either like them or hate them.

We will see in 4 weeks.
Will she want me to do the same?
Will she want me to let the ears grow long again?
I have a feeling she will want them long again.

I WILL call again. I will always call, just in that off chance that someone would say no.
Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. I am with you on this one, I feel like calling a customer when there is any changes helps cover your ass. Because they are made aware of any changes. It also helps prevent them from freaking out on pickup and they become to hysterical to even listen to why you had to do what you did in the first palce