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Monday, September 13, 2010

Groom Expo Photos

I am back from Hershey.
What a great time.
It is always great to go to grooming expos and meet and talk with other groomers.
You come home with new things to try, shampoos, scissors, brushes, ect.

Most of all you come home rejuvenated and ready to groom again.
At least I do.

My daughter, son and I left for Hershey Thursday after work.
We got there in time to go to the Internet Social.

We had a really good time.

I had to leave the room to talk to my 10 year old, he called in a panic, because it has just sunk in that we were not going to be home for a few days.

When I returned to the Social, I found out we had won one of the raffle prizes!
Yah! A gallon of Espree Silk Shampoo.
Dawn did a GREAT job.

The next couple of days were spent shopping and shopping and shopping...

I spent too much. 
Way too much.
My Debit card was crying.
And..I took my Credit Card for the first time.
Bad, bad, bad.

Well, at least I won't have to buy shampoo for the next six months.

Anyway, here are just some of the great grooms.

I always love watching Lisa and Olga groom.

I want another Poodle.

The Bichons that come into my shop sure don't look like that!
I don't have a single customer that could keep up with that coat.

I want this dog.

Friday night we went to the Wild Wild West Party.

We spent Saturday in seminars.
I always say, if you learn at least one new thing, it was worth the money.

After 26 years of grooming...
I learned 3 new things!

We also went to the 'Are You Smarter Than Judy' luncheon. 
It was fun.
Judy is retiring.
I will miss her.
I loved her seminars.

Sunday was the Creative Contest.
After 3 year of competing in creative, I took a break.
Well, not really.
I screwed up the cut while doing prep work a couple of months ago.
Had a PMS moment, got upset, and clip her down.

There is always next year.

Anyway, here are some before and afters.
They were FANTASTIC!
The presentations were great too.

3rd  Place
Lori Graig

2nd Place
Jill Pipino


I somehow missed getting a Before picture of Angela's dog.

1st Place and Peoples Choice Award Winner
Angela Kumpe

Angela's friend (I am sorry I don't remember her name) sang the National Anthem for 9/11.


Here are the other entries.

Justine Cosley

Baby Dinosaur

Adriane Pope


Karen Stickel


Cindy Oliver

Groom Pond

Alison Moore

Mad Scientist Zebra-Giraffe

Jean Honsinger

Teddy Bear/ Toy Box

Kathleen Putman

Stained Glass Illusions

Sandy Blackburn


It was almost impossible to get pictures of the Pupwiezer dogs.
They were on the floor in front of the stage.
Half way through the competition they would not let anyone take photos.
Even without a flash!
Everyone had to take pictures at the end.

We had a great time.
Now I have to sort out all of my goodies.
And try NOT to think about how much I spent.
Next year the Credit Card stays home!
The credit card stays home...the credit card stays home...the cred......
Happy Grooming,MFF


  1. This is amazing!!! I would love to eventually be good enough to try something like this! - Kay