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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One of those weeks

Every once in awhile you get one of those weeks that seem to go on and on and on and o......
Last week was one of those weeks.

One of those weeks when the dogs and their owners drive you crazy.
Everyday you have at least one or two nut cases.
Dogs and owners!

This is 'Otis'.
I have been grooming him for a little over a year.
He came to me because other groomers kept shaving him down.
(Believe me, i understand why.)
When I first groomed him, he was growing out of a clip down, so the first couple of groomings there was no problem keeping him long.
His mom likes him to be long and shaggy.
He HATES to be brushed, and when he has mats, they do not brush out easily.
I have had many talks with his Mom about...
1. Bring him in often.
2. Brushing him all the way down to the skin. (showed her how)
3. DO NOT bathe him with mats in him.
4. Make next appointment when she picks up.

She was doing pretty good for awhile, except for making her appointment when she picked up.
She always seemed to call right after someone had canceled, and get 'Otis' in just when she wanted.

Well, her lucky ran out a few weeks ago.
Of course I didn't help.
I refused to squeeze her in.
I know that was a petty thing to do, but sometimes it just gets very irritating when you tell a customer they need to make their appointments in advance because you book up fast, and they insist on calling anyway.
Then to top it off, they ALWAYS manage to get the date they want because of a cancellation.

I think it back fired more on me then the owner.
'Otis' was matted.
To the skin.
Head to toe.
She had bathed him...
More then once.

I bathed him in Best Shot Shampoo.
Soaked him in Best Shot Creme Rinse.
I HVed the mats away from the skin.
I managed to get a 3F through him.

He was still too short for her.
Oh well.

Then came 'Jackson'.

He is a year old.
He has only been groomed once.
He was a matted mess.
His owner was a new customer.
She was 35 minutes late for her appointment.
His mom was nice.
That worked in her favor.
'Jackson' was very sweet, and very good.
I managed to get a #4F through him.
The owners son wanted a mohawk.
The hair was very sparse on his head.

I had to use hair spray to keep it from falling down.

Isn't he cute?

This is 'Hershey'.
His owner is nice, but pushy and bossy.
Does that make sense?
She is ALWAYS 30 minutes to an hour late for his appointment.
She is always late picking him up, unless she has something to do.
Then she rushes me.
I don't rush.
Why do I still groom him?
I REALLY like the dog.
Come on, you have them too.
You either really like the dog and not the owner, or the other way around.

This is 'Sara'.
Her owners have been coming to me for years.
'Sara' is their second dog.
She is a sweet toy poodle, but...
She is one spoiled little brat.
It totally amazes me that her owner is able to keep her mat free.
'Sara' has that awful cottony type hair that would normally be matted if someone else owned her.
She HATES to be brushed.
'Sara' thinks that it is her job to bite the brush the whole time you are blow drying her.
Oh, the other thing is, her Mom has the beginnings of Alzheimer's.
It is very sad.

This is 'Max'.
He is getting up there in years.
He has mellowed a little.
He will still take your hand off if you don't muzzle him for his nails.
He also only comes in twice a year to get shaved down.
He takes FOREVER to dry!

This is 'Dodger'.
He and 'Max' are cousins.
'Dodger' is very sweet.
'Dodger' is VERY big, wide, big, heavy.
He insists on standing at the very back of the table, with his back feet right on the edge.
Do not even try to move him forward.

Last, but not least...This is 'EmyLou'.
I have only been grooming her for about a year.
She had been shaved down many times.
Now her hair is no longer growing back right.
I hand scissor her.
Turns out that that is what the owner has always wanted.
'EmyLou's' mom always tells me to be careful, because 'EmyLou' always bites the groomer.
She has never even tried to bite, for anything.

She is even great about me clipping her over grown nails.
Now, if only I can get her owner to take me up on bring 'EmyLou' in between grooming to have her nails clipped.

Okay, that is only about 10% of last week, but I think that is enough.

We will see what this week brings.
Happy Grooming, MFF

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