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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It is always very sad when a customer calls to say that they had to put their beloved pet down.
Sometimes it is expected, sometimes it is a shock.
Sometimes it is strange and uncomfortable.

That was the call we received today.
It was a call about 'Cachita'.
We have been grooming her for about 10 years.
The last couple of years my husband has been picking 'Cachita' up because her owner was no longer able to leave  her house.

Today 'Cachita's' owners, sister called to tell us that a Vet was coming to the house to put 'Cachita' down.
They had a favor to ask of us.
My first thought was, PLEASE do not ask me to give her her last groom.
I have been asked to do last groomings at least half a dozen times over the years.
Most of the owners did not tell me it was the last grooming until AFTER I groomed them.
Two told me before.
I can not express how difficult it was to groom those dogs.
I will say that one dog I was happy to do, because the owner only got the dog groomed once a year.
That poor Sheltie was in such bad shape.
I just kept telling him that he was going to feel so much better, and be in a better place where he would never be dirty and matted again.

OMG just thinking about it again brings me to tears.

Another was a Westie that I had groomed its whole life.
My husband had to bathe him, because my daughter refused to do it.
The owners had told us they were taking him straight to the Vet after his groom.

I do not refuse these grooms.
I know that it is a very hard decision for the owners to make.
I think it helps them feel a little better knowing that their dog is clean before going to Heaven.
I can also say, it is the hardest thing I do as a groomer.

What was the favor that 'Cachita's family wanted?
Well, it was a little strange.
They wanted to borrow nail clippers so they could cut her nails AFTER the Vet put her down.
They thought it would make her look pretty.
I told them that I would do her nails BEFORE the Vet came but NOT after.
I also told them that the Vet could do the nails for them.
They decided to let the Vet do the nails.
Thank you, Thank you...
'Cachita' was a good dog but that was one favor I just did not want to do.

Rest in Peace 'Cachita'
There are so many friends waiting to play with you at the 'Rainbow Bridge'.
Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. The worst thing that ever happened with me is I had just groomed a long-time customers two shihtzus and she had literally just picked them up, paid, and was leaving the parking lot. As she pulled out onto the road someone hit her. She and one dog died. That really really shook me up. She had already paid but I didnt feel right getting paid for it. (I work at a vet clinic andget a percentage of each dog) it was so so sad.