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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Answer for Mittens

Mittens left a comment on yesterdays post.

"Hello again! I hope this doesn't sound too gross...but do you have any videos of doing sanitary trim (anus) ? I've always done it lightly skimming side to side (outwards) with a 10, but usually this causes the dog to "booty-scoot" for a couple of days. Any advice?"

First, Thanks for the question Mittens.

I used to get a fair amount of customers telling me that their dogs were scooting after the groom also... until I stopped clipping the rear.
It used to drive me crazy, because I knew that I was being careful. 

I scissor most of the rears now.
I can get the rear just as close with scissors as I can with the clipper, but I actually like to leave the rear just a little fuzzy.

I have found that no matter how careful or how lightly I skim a rear with clippers, a lot of the dogs get itchy.

I use my curve shears turned backwards, so that the points of the scissors curve away from the dog.

With scissors I feel like I have a little more control of how much hair I take off or leave on.

Because this is a white dog I like to leave the rear just a little fuzzy.

If I have to use my clipper because the hair around the rear was matted, I always tell the owner.

'FiFi had mats around her rear today, so I had to clip closer then I usually would. She may go home and scoot, so keep an eye on her and stop her if you see her scooting.'

If a customer wants the rear very short, I will clip it with the clippers, but I always warn them that the dog may scoot.

Scissoring the rear is no guarantee that the dog will not scoot, but I have noticed that I don't get very many complaints anymore about scooting.

Some dogs will scoot no matter what.
I had a Terrier Mix that loved to go out in the yard and scoot after I groomed her.
Would she scoot on the grass?
She had to scoot on the concrete sidewalk!
It used to give me chills when I caught her.
It did not make any difference whether I scissored or clipped her rear.

So maybe you could try scissoring instead of clipping, and see if that helps.

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! I thought I was going crazy because all the groomers I have ever met clipped the butt! Last time I groomed my little pup, I scissored her rear (and she ALWAYS scoots when I shave there, no matter how lightly I go) and I didn't see her scoot ONCE! Yaaay! I'm happy to write this down in my 10lb Notes from the Grooming Table book!

  2. Your welcome! Notes from the Grooming Table is a great book. My rule of thumb is to use the books as a point of reference, but always remember that every dog is different, and I do what is best for that dog. Even if it goes against what the book says.
    Lisa, MFF

  3. another method of achieving a scoot free sani trim is to use a 6mm wahl stainless steel attachment comb over a #30 blade. work from the anus outwards, then skim with a very light touch working down to between the tail creating a 'poop chute'. (it works for me anyways.)

  4. Thanks for the information Trudy. I'll have to try that.
    Lisa, MFF

  5. I'm not a groomer, but I found this when googling my pups butt scooting symptoms!! Thanks for the detailed info, We just went to the groomers this morning and was worried it was something more serious.

  6. Thanks so much for posting this helpful info! I am 17 and started grooming when I was 15. I specialize in Miniature Schnauzers as I have one of my own but was always frustrated when it came to grooming his rear. He'd scoot for days after I clipped back there :P

    I recently gave him a puppy show cut because he looks so cute that way and used your scissoring technique when I got to his rump- minimal scooting!

    Big thumbs up for this article ^_^

    1. Thanks Code 7,
      It is nice to hear from young groomers. I am glad that the scissoring technique helped. I had a Terrier that, know matter what I did, would scoot her rear. It used to drive me crazy. :/
      Lisa, MFF