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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thinning the Coat on a Breared Collie

< Before

He's back!
Back for his spring thinning.
His Mom loves his long coat, but around this time of year he is very thick.
So his Mom wants him thinned out for spring.

I could have used thinning shears, but I felt that that would take forever.

He has a lot of coat to thin out.

Lets see, I want quick and easy...well, fairly easy.

I pulled out my Mars Coat King.

This stripper tool comes in 5 different blade sets.

~Extra Coarse with 6 blades
~Coarse with 8 blades
~Med/Coarse with 10 blades
~Medium with 12 blades
~Fine with 20 blades

Did I happen to mention that this Breaded Collie just happens to be one of the laziest dogs that I groom.

Well okay, if you want to lay there, I'll just start here.

When using the Coat King to thin out a coat, I start at the top of the dog and work my way down.

 You determine how much coat you will remove by the amount of brushing/strokes you do.

Because this dogs coat is so very thick, I used the 10 blade Coat King on him.

I start at the top, taking short, quick strokes.

I continued working my way down with the way the hair grows.

I worked in one area till the coat was thinned out enough.

I also use the Coat King on the legs, being very careful because of the blades.

The 12 blade Coat King would be better around the neck because of the extreme thickness.

Can we say LAZY!

< After

Now that 5 pounds of coat is gone, he feels good, and it only took about 20 minutes with the Coat King.

I use my Coat Kings on many different breeds.

It is also great to use on those Goldens and Spaniels that come in with that ugly peach fuzz hair all over them.

The medium and fine are great for removing that peach fuzz without messing up the rest of the coat.

I have had my Coat kings for about 7 years now.
I only use them on clean, dry dogs.
They are still as sharp now as when I bought them.
They do sell replacement blades.

I love this tool.
It is definitely a must have.
The Mars Coat King is just one of many stripper tools on the market.

I love any tool that make grooming easier!

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. hmm i really like the idea of adding this to my groom kit. Which sizes/type do you recommend having?

    1. Hi Joanna,
      I have two of them. One is the 8 blade that I like to use when I don't want to take too much hair out, and a 10 blade that is finer and takes more hair out. They have a extra and super fine that has 20 and 26 blades that I have never tried, but they look way too close to me.
      Lisa, MFF