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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's Tip #20 Cleaning up the Lip LIne

One of my pet pevees is...

Poodles with full faces.
I can't stand them.
My Poodles will always have clean faces.
It's just me, I like clean faces.
Yes, the round ones are cute on some dogs, but I can't stand smelly, stinky, food filled hairy faces.

And, most of all I hate when I see dogs chewing on the hair that is growing into their mouths.
You know what I mean don't you?
Those dogs that sit there with their head bobbing up and down frantically, while their tongue is constantly trying to work the hair out of their mouth.

 So I have a little trick that I do.

It takes away all of that hair around the lip line that grows into their mouth, but doesn't effect the finished look of the full face.

This tip also works well for those dogs that get all of that icky rawhide stuck in the hair around the mouth.

I use this trick on any dog that has a lot of hair around their mouth.

This guy was going to town chewing on all of that long hair growing into his mouth.

That is the hair I am going to get rid of.

First, I pull all of the hair that I don't want to cut up and hold it out of the way.

Then I clip only the very edges of the lip line with a #15 or #40 blade.

I use the last few teeth on the corner of my blade to do the clipping.  (in red)

The green area is where I clip.

Don't you just love that every dog feels that this is the time to stick their tongue out, or try to lick.

One of these days I am going to pass out while holding my breath clipping these dogs.  :-)

Nice and clean.

All of that sticky, smelly, slobbery hair gone.

Even with all of  that hair gone on the lip line, the face is still full.

No more chewing on those long hairs.

Below is a short clip of me clipping out the lip line on a full face.

This tip also works well on some matted faces.
Sometimes you can clip out mats along the lip line and use the longer hair that hangs down to cover what you had to clip.

For this tip, I feel that using the clipper is safer and quicker then using scissors. 

Hope this helps.  :-)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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