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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tip #19

I don't get a lot of dogs who's owners like the hair on tops of their heads tied back.
The owners that do ask for tied topknots have Shih-tzu's and Yorkies.

I must say that I am not  a fan of tying up the hair on top of heads.

I am not very good at it.

There is an art to it.

I am fascinated when I see topknots tied back at dog shows.
They look beautiful.
I know there is some trick to it, and a lot of different techniques out there.

A lot seems to go into the tied up show topknot, too much for the average pet owner in my opinion.

 I start off my tied topknots with childrens ponytail bands.

This way if the dog messes their head up the owner can easily use the band again to put the hair back up.

They also don't break the hair like rubber bands do.

Today's tip is about what happens after I have tied the hair up.

Cleaning up those pesky short hairs that will not reach to the hair band, and fall into the eyes.

I am not sure what other groomers do.
I do know that some groomers cut the hair, but I want it to grow to eventually reach the hair band.

I use hairspray.

No, I do not spray it on the dogs head.
I am working too close to the eyes.

In order to use this tip you must use a pump hairspray. 

I take off the lid.

 I use the pump straw thingy.

I have know idea what that thing is called.  :-/

Make sure to let any excess hair spray drip off before you use it on the dog.

I use the end of the straw thingy to keep and hold the stray hairs back towards the hair band.

I also try to keep the hairspray as far away from the eyes as possible.
Push the hair back toward the hair band with your fingers then use the straw.

I dip the straw back in the bottle as may times as I need to, and glide the straw up in the direction that the hair is going.

The hairspray does leave a little of a wet look, but it does fade a little as it drys.

 At least the stray hairs are in place...for now.

Well.. until the owner gets the dog in the car and they smash their head into the back seat.

*Note: Very important not to let the hairspray drip into the dogs eyes.
Shake the straw so nothing is dripping before you use it on the dog.

Last but not least...the bow!

This guy loves to grind his head into the towel in his kennel.
I have to stand at the door of his kennel and wait for him to try to grind his head.

Thankfully all I have to do is say 'no' and he plops down with a big sigh, but he usually leaves it alone till his Mom comes to get him.

I have had to do repairs as they are going out the door. :-)

I hope this tips helps someone.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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